Should I Pressure Wash My House Myself in Gainesville, GA? Risk of Injury, Damage & More

There is no better way to remove hard stains from outdoor surfaces than with a pressure washer. The high pressure water mixed with a mild detergent is the perfect combination to cut through even the toughest stains. Surfaces like wood, concrete, brick, siding and other outdoor surfaces don’t stand a chance against a pressure washer. However tempting it might be to do this yourself, you might want to think twice about it because of the dangers that are associated with DIY pressure cleaning. NoFo Hydro is here to point out the dangers that come from using a pressure washer when you don’t have the training to do so.

Why are DIY Pressure Washers Dangerous?

There are several reasons why it is dangerous to attempt to pressure wash your home or property without the right training. Here are some reasons why you should avoid it:
– Bruising & Lacerations: Many people underestimate the power of the water the is being sprayed out of the pressure washer. It can easily bruise you, but can also break through the skin if you aren’t careful.
– Eye or Skin Irritation: If your eyes make contact with the cleaning solution, it can cause serious irritation. Some people even experience skin irritation if they are using a harsher cleaning agent. It is vital to wear the proper personal protection to keep your skin and eyes safe from irritation.
– Flying Debris: It isn’t uncommon from items that are stuck to surfaces to become dislodged during pressure cleaning. When this happens, it can cause bodily harm to anyone standing close enough to get hit. There are actually people who have experience serious eye injury and damage from flying objects that were dislodged during pressure cleaning.
– Electric Shock: Most people know that electricity and water don’t mix well. However, when you’re pressure cleaning, it can be easy to forget this bit of information. You should always keep in mind that there are often extension cords and outdoor outlets around areas you are cleaning. It isn’t a bad idea to have rubber shoes on when pressure cleaning as well to avoid this problem.
– Damage to Home & Property: The biggest risk that people run when they are pressure washing without and experience is home and property damage. When you don’t have the pressure just right, you run the risk of permanently damaging the surface that you’re working to get cleaned. Even hard surfaces like concrete and brick can sustain serious and permanent damage when the wrong amount of pressure is used to clean their surfaces.

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