How Often Should You Pressure Wash a Dirty Commercial Building in a High Traffic Area in Roswell, GA?

As an owner of a commercial business, you have several hats that you have to wear to keep things running efficiently. Not only do you have to manage the business and your employees, but you also should be thinking about the building that houses your business and the maintenance that it requires. One way to keep your commercial building properly maintained is to have it professionally pressure cleaned on a regular basis. NoFo Hydro is here to talk about some of the ways that pressure cleaning can help benefit your business.

Why You Should Pressure Wash a Commercial Building?

There are many ways that business owners can benefit from regular, professional pressure washing. Pressure washing has transformative power to give your business the boost it needs.
– Curb Appeal: The impact of curb appeal is often understated. Business owners need to think about what the outside of their building says about the services that they offer. If the building is clean and tidy, customers are far more likely to visit the establishment when they find themselves in need of your services. When you have the building professionally pressure washed, it can give your building that boost that will help improve the curb appeal.
– Potential Hazards: When there is dirt, grime and other debris found on the exterior of your building, it can pose a threat to the building itself. Things like mold and mildew can be incredibly damaging to the building and the people who spend time inside of it. Pressure washing removes the debris that can cause problems like this. Pressure washing can also help to remove any discoloration that might be present on the exterior of the building.
– Preserve Paint: There is no way around it, painting your commercial building is going to cost you a pretty penny. If you have painted the building recently, you want to do what you can to preserve the investment. Regular pressure washing can help extend the life of your paint and is much more budget friendly.
– Prevent Pests: Pests can not only give your business a bad name, but they can also cause damage to the building that they have infested. Surprisingly enough, pressure washing the building and ridding it of buildup can help to reduce the chance of a pest infestation. There are often pests that have no problem lurking in dirt and grime that can accumulate on the outside of your commercial building.

How often should you pressure wash a commercial building?

How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Commercial Building

Ideally, you want to have your business pressure washed every few months but you may need pressure washing more often if you are in a high traffic area where your building gets dirty. Pressure washing three or four times a year should be a regular part of your building maintenance.

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Professional power washing should always be part of your routine maintenance to keep your building looking great and customers coming back. At NoFo Hydro, we provide our customers with commercial power washing services that will help boost the curb appeal of their business as well as help maintain the building. Not only will we pressure wash the building, but the walkways and parking lots as well as we help you maintain your property. Call us today!

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