What Time of Year Should You Treat a Deck in Flowery Branch, GA? Pressure Washing Decking in Spring

We are embarking on the busiest time of year for the deck in your backyard. Before we know it, summer will be here and so will late summer nights outside. This is why homeowners should start thinking about getting their decks ready now. The early spring season is the ideal time to start preparing your deck for summer since the weather hasn’t gotten too hot. You can comfortably spend time outside as you get the deck ready for entertaining. NoFo Hydro is here to share some tips to help you get your deck up and running for the spring and summer seasons.

Deck Inspection & Repairs

The first thing that you need to do to get your deck ready for summer is to give it thorough inspection. You will be looking for any areas that need to be repaired or fixed. There might be missing nails or screws that need to be replaced. Sometimes, there are even boards that need to be removed because they have gotten damaged over the years. This is the perfect time to make those small repairs necessary to keep your deck in good condition for years to come.

Deep Clean Decking

After you have made necessary repairs to your deck, it is time to give it a deep clean. This is best done with the help of professionals. They have the necessary pressure washers to get all the staining and grime off the surface of your deck. When you attempt to use a pressure washer yourself, it can result in serious and lasting damage to your deck that will be permanent. To avoid this, stick with the pros.

Water Test Before Refinishing Deck

Doing a water check on your deck is the next step. Pouring a cup of water on your deck, you want to see whether or not the water beads up or soaks into the wood. If the water isn’t beading up, you need to refinish the deck to keep the wood protected. Before you can apply new stain and sealer, you need to sand its surface to prepare it. Once it has been sanded, you can clean it again and stain and seal it.

Add Lighting to Deck Area

If you don’t have any lighting over your deck, consider adding it to create the inviting space that makes entertaining easy to do. With the right lighting, it creates an ambiance that will leave you with a space that is cozy and comfortable long into the nighttime hours.

Bring Out Deck Furnishings

Some people put their outdoor furniture away for the winter season. This is the perfect time to get it all out and decide whether to keep it or replace it with new. Consider ways you can make your deck as cozy as possible.

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If you are getting ready to prep your deck for spring and summer, you can turn to NoFo Hydro to do a deep clean for you. We will ensure your deck is properly cleaned without causing any damage to its surface. Call us today!

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